WorkOnLeather Vegetable Tanned Leather Burnishing Machine For Polishing Leather Edge

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This is a machine that will give your product edge the perfect quality. And the operation is very simple. It not only saves you a lot of time, but also gives your product a professional look and can use it anytime, anywhere. First use a sanding sleeves to scrape and shape the edges of your product, then use a hardwood burnishing wheel to smooth them. Finally there are two leather polishing wheels that can perform their job perfectly. This machine is suitable for all vegetable tanned leather products. .


This machine is suitable for polishing vegetable tanned leather, belt, strap, and bag edge. Of course, larger bags or jade can be polished and engraved after combining polishing head..


Voltage: AC110V/60Hz, AC 220V/50HZ,
Power: 350W
Speed: 0-8000RPM adjustable
Size: 32x18x18cm
Weight: 4kg

Package Included:(Standard set)

1x Host power machine
1x Sandalwood grinder 5 mills(4/6/10/13/15mm)
1x Sand belt wheel (rubber wheel)
4x Sand belt (120# x2pcs,180# x2pcs)
1x Left and right connecting rod
1x Leather polishing wheel fixtures
Wrench and carbon brush

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