WorkOnLeather Shoes Insole Hot Foil Stamping Machine

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This machine is designed for stamping logo on finished leather shoes.You can print the logo on the insole


1.Adjustable temperature:Up to 350℃

2.Stamping Area: 3x5cm

3.Voltage:110V/220V(Will be sent according to customers' request)

4..Principle: Leverage principle

5.Head accuracy: ±0.33M

6.Plug:AU/EU/US(Will be sent according customers' request)


This machine can be used to stamp logo or custom initials on leather (fake & real leather ) ,wood & plastic etc.

A lot of customers buy this machine to print logo on leather goods, wedding invitation card,pencils,furnitures etc.

How to operate

1.Attache the logo stamp or letter stamps to the machine by screw.

2. open the power swith "SET" key set temperature.“<” temperature selected single digits“>”"﹀" adjust temperature values

6.Preheat the machine about 5 minutes

7.Put something soft under your material (if you stamp on leather,or you can skip to next step)

8.Press the handle to print your logo.


1.If you need to print the logo with foil paper,we recommend the temperature should be 100-150 degree.You can test it and get a suitable temperature.

2.If you want to print the logo without foil paper on leather, for fake leaher, the temperature should be 100-150 degree.For real leather,the temperature should be 300-350 degree.You can practice several times and get suitable temperature.

3.We will send the suitable plug and voltage to customers according to customers' countries.If you have specified requirement,please send us message or contact us by e-mail( )

4.We can customize logo stamp 

For logo stamp:Please send us your logo design and size ( )


All of our products are in one year warranty.If you have any problem,you can contact us,we will help you to solve problems. 

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